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Hi, 我是米爾大叔


我們常會遇到很多困難 或 難以解決的事,有時解決方法並不困難,只是我們沒有找到方法 或 是把事情複雜化了。


The original intention of setting up this website is mainly to share some of the problems we encounter in daily life, and to provide simple solutions, so that everyone will not go wrong and simplify things.

We might encounter some difficulties from time to time which find no way to fix them. However, solutions to those may not be so tough. Maybe merely do we not find them yet or, maybe we just think of things way too complicated.

I believe that people can help each other, trust each other, and make the world a better one.




I started a business for 9 years and was recommended by Apple Daily full-page, United Daily News half page, Chronicle News, M-TV news reports, and dozens of blogs. After I started my business, I found it interesting to come into contact with e-commerce and then moved to the Internet technology industry for 5 years. , As a business planning manager, responsible for project management, system retail, customer relations, system maintenance, customer service, etc.

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